Breathe Nature

Turning stories into lasting change

Stories bring us together, allow us to make a personal connection to the natural world and help us understand the value of wildlife and Nature.
Breathe Nature turns these stories into lasting change by catalysing the social, behavioural and environmental impact of natural history films, photographs and short stories to make a difference in the relationship between humans and Nature.


Connecting with audiences for a lasting behavioural change

Unleashing change on a global scale

To combat the planetary emergency (climate change and biodiversity loss) the world requires action from all members of society.

Natural history films, photographs and short stories are extraordinary mediums for generating awareness of conservation issues but sometimes lack action.

Impact campaigns amplify their message and allow audiences to connect, learn and engage with the issues exposed contributing to long-term environmental and social behavioural change.

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Putting issues on the map

Breathe Nature provides research, strategy development and implementation of communication and behavioural change campaigns that include outreach, fundraising, special screenings, advocacy, community engagement and educational programs.

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Allowing connectivity

Breathe Nature facilitates the connectivity between international and grassroots organisations, field experts and indigenous communities to bridge gaps and acquires the right partners for the development of the campaign activities including cross-promotion and endorsements.

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Creating content

Breathe Nature creates from-the-field content in coordination with filmmakers, producers and partners to support communication activities and access to knowledge about the issue including the generation of short stories, documentation and communication materials.

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Impact Producing

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Unearthing Stories

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The Principles