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Turning Stories Into Lasting Change

Breathe Nature Stories works at the nexus between action and impact storytelling by turning natural history and documentary films with an eye on the intersection between people and the planet into tools for lasting social-behavioural and environmental change to help protect our last natural wonders.

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Carefully identifying the impact, communication and behavioural goals to guide the production and messages for storytelling.

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Sourcing the right experts, partners and stakeholders to enable collaboration, amplify their voices and strengthen meaningful action.

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Providing behavioural insights to drive positive change based on extensive research on targeted communities.

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Equipping audiences with tools and solutions to mind the gap between science and action tangibly and sustainably.

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Providing technical direction to build the capacity of teams, drive strategic decision-making and advance the field.

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Leading specific analytical work and evaluating the production success based on the positive change.

About Mia Villalonga


Protecting our last natural wonders through impact producing, behavioural change and outreach - from the depths of the ocean to the warm savannahs.

Impact Producing


We incorporate impact into natural history and documentary films to secure lasting change by influencing behaviours and mindsets and building a community where needed.

Our Principles


Our principles become an opportunity to question the way nature, wildlife and communities are approached and how their stories are told. 

Okavango Wilderness Project
Friends of Serengeti Switzerland
K2 Studios
BBC Natural History Unit
The Lion Center
Wild Bird Trust
Living Oceans
Frankfurt Zoological Society
How Many Elephants
African Wildlife Foundation
Kope Lion
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The only thing we extract from the planet is our own existence.

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