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Turning stories into
lasting change

Breathe Nature Stories catalyses the social, behavioural and environmental impact of natural history films to make a difference in the relationship between humans and Nature.

Stories change our world

Natural history films are extraordinary mediums to convey meaningful stories but often lack action. Because of this, Breathe Nature Stories works alongside them to identify issues, audiences and goals and, together, draft a strategy to change minds and behaviours for a positive environmental impact.

By supporting powerful wildlife and envi
ronmental storytelling, our impact campaigns turn stories into lasting change, engage audiences beyond the screen, and inspire and empower people across the globe to better understand our natural world and safeguard our living planet. 



We connect with critical audiences and stakeholders beyond the screen, enable collaboration and give visibility to those working to protect the wonders of our natural world. 


We use the power of storytelling to explore and improve the understanding of how our world is interconnected to help conserve ecosystems and species and lighten the human spirit.


We empower and equip audiences to take action and provide solutions to protect our natural world - minding the gap between science and action tangibly and sustainably.


Our Principles

Our principles become an opportunity to question the way nature, wildlife and communities are approached and how their stories are told. 


'The only thing we extract from the planet is our own existence'

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