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About Mia Villalonga

Bringing Humans Closer To Nature

Protecting our last natural wonders through impact producing, behavioural change and outreach - from the depths of the ocean to the warm savannahs.

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Inspired by the wilderness and intrigued by the relationship between humans and nature, I incorporate impact into natural history and documentary films (from pre-production to post-production) to influence our relationship with the natural world and empower communities to safeguard our living planet.
With a background in behavioural change and outreach, where I worked with governments, public and private sectors, and many years spent with indigenous communities and local conservation efforts, I provide valuable insights and methodologies to reach and impact audiences holistically while understanding the nature conservation intricacies.

Besides, I continue to engage in meaningful projects worldwide to help protect our last natural wonders such as enabling human-lion coexistence and re-establishing natural corridors between Serengeti and Ngorongoro by changing communities' behaviours to increase tolerance towards lions.

Mireia (Mia) Villalonga

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Through journaling, I share stories I encounter that underline our interconnectedness and the lives of people living in harmony with our natural world.

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