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About Me

I am a curious spirit with a deep love for wildlife from the depths of the ocean and the warm savannahs working to protect our last natural wonders.

A life of purpose

Inspired by the wilderness of Tanzania, where I reconnected with the natural world and set base, and intrigued by the relationship between humans and nature, I engage in multilayered impact campaigns that allow me to integrate a broad set of skills to influence our relationship with the natural world and empower communities to preserve habitat interconnectedness and biodiversity.


Besides specialising in natural history films, I continue to engage in meaningful projects worldwide to protect our last natural wonders such as promoting human-lion coexistence in Ngorongoro, reducing oceanic plastic waste in the Caribbean and Pacific and pushing the boundaries of science and exploration through adventure mountaineering. 

Mireia (Mia) Villalonga

The Lost Journal

Through journaling, I share stories I encounter that underline our interconnectedness and the lives of people living in harmony with our natural world.

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