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Breathe Nature Stories helped design educational outreach and communications materials for schools in partnership with NOAA and Living Oceans and endorsed by Sylvia Earle to cultivate curiosity about the natural world and engage students with marine science.

  • Supported the making of an educational guide that linked the film's story to ocean biodiversity, marine mammal ecology and migration, ocean currents and climate, sustainable fishing, and marine debris.

  • Generated endorsement materials from leading conservation experts. Sylvia Earle - marine biologist, oceanographer, explorer and author presented the connection between the film and her ocean advocacy work.

  • Based on Sylvia Earle’s Hope Spots – unique places in the ocean that deserve to be protected, allowed students to explore an established Hope Spot to determine the threats it faces, the ecosystem services it provides, and the reasons why it is so important to protect.

Ocean Odyssey
Ocean Odyssey Educational Guide
Ocean Odyssey Educational Guide
Sylvia Earle Endorsement
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