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Lions Serengeti
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Breathe Nature Stories created an impact campaign to connect and engage with stakeholders who benefited from the film's core messages and helped them amplify their voices. Together, we raised awareness about the delicate interconnectedness of the Serengeti ecosystem and facilitated action to protect the species that balance the entire ecosystem. All by developing strategic plans for outreach and engagement that synced with the film distribution plans.

  • Acquired and coordinated a network of +10 outreach partners whose mission interlinked with the film and amplified their voices to facilitate action from audiences (Frankfurt Zoological Society, KopeLion, etc.).

  • Partnered with The Lion Center to allow audiences to engage in conservation efforts by identifying wildlife pictures from 225 camera traps deployed in the Serengeti.

  • Worked with our local partners in Tanzania to organise on-the-road screenings to allow communities to watch the film and, with the help of a facilitator, engage in discussions and capacity-building activities. 

  • Piggy-backed on How Many Elephants' art gallery to educate audiences on conservation. Their gallery hosts 35k elephant silhouettes representing Africa's annual ivory poaching rate.

  • Generated endorsement materials from leading conservation experts (e.g. Rian Labuschagne) and recruited guest speakers to give presentations during private film screenings (that allowed us to raise money) to increase audiences' knowledge and allow for Q&A interactions.

  • Researched and disseminated complex information, using simple language to create compelling content across webpages, outlets, videos and social media channels.

Rian Labuschagne Endorsement
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