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Serengeti: Journey to the heart of Africa

Breathe Nature Stories created an impact campaign to awaken an anticipated interest in the film among audiences worldwide, connect with conservation organisations whose work could be benefited from the film messages, raise awareness about the delicate interconnectedness of the Serengeti ecosystem and facilitate action to protect the species that balance the entire ecosystem - which included community outreach in neighbouring villages.

Action through partners

Acquired and coordinated a network of +10 outreach partners whose mission interlinked with the film (international and grassroots conservation organisations) and facilitated action from audiences by raising their profile and easing interaction with them.

Citizen scientist

To reinforce lion research, The Lion Center’s citizen science project 'Snapshot Safari' partnership allowed audiences to experience their very own online safari and help identify wildlife in pictures from the 225 camera traps deployed in the Serengeti.

Private screenings

Conceptualised private screenings for members of large conservation organisations to strengthen membership relationships with the organisation and raise money for their causes connected to the wellbeing of the Serengeti and its species.

Educate with art

Through our partnership with How Many Elephants we were able to use art to showcase the 35k elephant silhouettes that represent the annual ivory poaching rate in Africa (96 every day). 

Educational materials

The team created educational materials and curriculums for primary and secondary schools worldwide and knowledge kits that highlighted conservation issues for media and partners to use.

Expert endorsements

Generated endorsement materials from leading conservation experts. Here, Rian Labuschagne - Program Manager of the Serengeti presented the connection between the film and Frankfurt Zoological Society efforts.

Community screenings

Worked with our local partners in Tanzania (mainly grassroots organisations) to bring together a set of on-the-road screening events to allow communities to watch the film and, with the help of a local facilitator, engage in discussions, Q&A and capacity activities. 

Guest speakers

Recruited guest speakers to give presentations during film screenings (scientists, conservationists and field experts) to expand the knowledge of the film theme and allow audiences to interact through questions and answers.

Content creation

Generated content for different media in coordination with filmmakers to get from-the-field content and behind-the-scenes and facilitated cross-promotion activities (website, socials, outlets, videos, podcasts, etc.) to maximise the reach of the film.

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